B&B Casale il Ciliegio – Energy and colour with Biodanza (SRT)

Energy and colour with Biodanza (SRT).

For adults and children.

The Biodanza system, created by Rolando Toro Araneda, enables you to rediscover the pleasure of dancing as a free and profound expression of human beings, whatever their age and physical build. To improve health, have fun and be more creative.

Red e Orange: Energy e Joy
Yellow e Green: Knowledge e Love
Blu e Violet: Wisndom e Beauty
REIMBOW: the Party

Places are limited. Enrolment is mandatory. Membership and insurance: 15 euro
Comfortable clothing. Non-slip socks.
At least 1 garment with meeting theme colour.
Elise: 338 4967229 – elisepasquier@libero.it
Lucia: 328 7011277 – lucia.bulian@gmail.com

Saturday 28 march
time 15.30-18.30

Saturday 18 april
time 15.30-18.30

Saturday 23 may
time 15.30-18.30

Saturday 13 june
time 15.30-18.30

Azienda agr. Il Ciliegio
B&B Casale il Ciliegio
Via Morea 36 31032
Casale sul Sile – TV
Tel. 0422 821139

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